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An estimated 31 million adults in the United States now have chronic kidney disease (“CKD”), but most are unaware of it, undercutting efforts to prevent irreversible kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant.

Chronic kidney disease is often silent until the late stages when it can be too late to head off kidney failure.  However, evidence indicates that if CKD is detected early, action may be taken to delay or prevent kidney failure.  Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness in the general public, and to some extent in the medical community, about the prevalence of CKD.

The Kidney TRUST is hoping to change this mindset by raising public awareness of CKD through community outreach and education.  There is a growing recognition in the kidney disease community that widespread testing could have a profound impact on the progression of CKD in the population.  The Kidney TRUST’s new rapid-testing program is one of a growing number of initiatives that are focused on raising awareness about CKD in the general population and providing opportunities for testing to the general public.