The Kidney TRUST

Financial Assistance

What is the FAP Program?

The FAP provides $1,600 grants to people on dialysis who are having difficulty managing co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles for medical treatment and prescription drugs that are covered under their private health insurance plan. The FAP is available to dialysis patients residing in the states of California, Colorado, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Each $1,600 award will cover a six-month grant period.

Applications for 2011 are currently being accepted on a limited basis for funding cycles to be determined based on availability of funds. Those interested in applying for a grant in 2011 are encouraged to participate in the following process:

  • Step 1: Submit completed application to The TRUST through dialysis provider representative.
  • Step 2: The TRUST will confirm receipt of completed application and submission date within 15 business days of receipt.
  • Step 3: The TRUST will inform applicant of eligibility, applicable funding cycle and expected grant award date.

Read the Program Overview [1.1MB PDF] and Application Instructions [2MB PDF], and print the Application Form [2MB PDF].

The following is a summary of the program, including eligibility and application instructions.

What is the Purpose of the Program?

  • To help dialysis patients manage financially while maintaining their private insurance coverage.
  • To enable patients to continue working, which contributes positively to their quality of life and emotional well-being.
  • To address the problem of patients discontinuing vital drugs and/or treatments because they cannot afford high co-pays and deductibles.
  • To avoid premature draw on Medicare.

Who Is Eligible?

Applicants must:

  • Be on dialysis.
  • Have primary health insurance coverage through an employer group health plan (EGHP), individual plan, or COBRA. Insurance may be through applicant, spouse, parent, domestic partner or guardian.
  • Have a household income that is no higher than 500% of the Federal Poverty Level capped at a maximum of $130,850 for a household size of five.
  • Accurately complete the FAP application form, including all supporting documentation.
  • Have a valid SSN to participate in the program.

What Are Eligible Expenses?

If the applicant is awarded a grant, funds can be used to pay for out-of-pocket costs for co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance for medical treatment, services, and prescription drugs that are covered under the applicant’s health insurance. Treatment and prescription drugs must be for the applicant only, not for family members or others. Eligible expenses are not limited to applicant’s dialysis or kidney disease but must be covered under the applicant’s insurance and ordered by his/her doctor. Payment for expenses will not exceed the amount of the grant.

How Are Eligible Expenses Paid?

Those applicants who are awarded a grant will receive a “FlexCard” (a MasterCard debit card) to pay for eligible expenses. In addition, eligible expenses can be reimbursed by submitting appropriate receipts. Detailed instructions for use of the FlexCard and for the expense reimbursement process will be provided to applicants who receive a grant.

What is the Application Process?

In order to be considered for the FAP, applicants should work with their dialysis provider representative to complete and submit the Application for Assistance.  The Application Instructions describe the required steps and responsibilities.  Application must be signed by the applicant and a representative from his/her dialysis provider.  Incomplete or illegible applications will be returned and considered upon accurate re-submission prior to any posted deadlines.

Read the Program Overview [1.1MB PDF] and Application Instructions [2MB PDF], and print the Application Form [2MB PDF].

What is The Kidney TRUST?

The Kidney TRUST (the TRUST) is an independent, national, non-profit organization with the mission to reduce the human and economic costs of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The Kidney TRUST envisions a day when the population is fully aware of their kidney function as well as other health risks. When screening for Chronic Kidney Disease is a routine part of preventative health maintenance. When the onset of CKD is always detected early. When patients and healthcare teams work together and maintain healthy kidney function. When kidney failure is delayed or eliminated altogether.

The TRUST works to benefit the 31 million American adults living with CKD as well as the 506,000 Americans with kidney failure who require dialysis or a kidney transplant.