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Calculate Your Kidney Function

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Find out if your kidneys are working right. It's easier than you think! What you learn can help you stay healthy or get treatment if you need it. Get smart about your kidneys. Get tested. And, take control of your health.

What Is Your GFR?

GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate. It is a measure of how well the filters in your kidneys (glomeruli) are working. Learn more about GFR.

Find Your eGFR

You can use this calculator to get an estimate of your GFR (called eGFR)—and learn if you might have kidney disease.

Calculate your eGFR

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4 Facts You Need

1. Your age. GFR goes down as you get older, so age is part of the formula.
2. Your sex (gender). How much muscle mass you have changes the GFR result. Most men have more muscle, so sex is part of the formula.
3. Your race. African-Americans tend have more muscle mass than people in other racial groups, so race is part of the formula.
4. Your creatinine. This is a blood test result (get it from a lab report or ask your doctor). Creatinine is a waste product that forms each time you use your muscles. It is removed by healthy kidneys and can build up in your blood if your kidneys are not working well. Learn more about creatinine.
  About the eGFR Formula. This eGFR calculator uses the MDRD 4 revised formula to estimate GFR. Learn more about eGFR formulas.

Caution: eGFR calculator results may not be accurate if you are older than 70, younger than 18, vegetarian, pregnant, very overweight, very muscular, or have a serious illness.